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Your Source For An E-Cigarettes In British Columbia

We’ve got all the supplies you need to enjoy your e-cigarette in British Columbia at VMS Emporium Plus, INC. You’ll find a large selection of e-cig and cannabis vape hardware in our shop, whether it’s a complete starter kit or you need to stock up on supplies. You can find everything here from tanks to coils to mods to e-juice and accessories. Vincent, our owner, uses all the products he sells and provides deck rebuilds, cleaning, and advice.

An Option For Quitting

Health Canada legalized the sale of e-cigarettes with nicotine as a way to help smokers quit. They are believed to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes, although long-term studies on their use are not yet complete. Smokers who have struggled to quit should try vaping or nicotine salt.

Our e-cigarettes are designed to provide the sensation of smoking a real cigarette without as many harmful chemicals. They work by heating e-juice into a vapour. These e-cigarette flavours come in a wide range to suit everyone.

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Parts And Supplies

We’ve got all the parts and supplies you need to customize your e-cigarette, plus items for maintenance in our vape shop. You can purchase replacement parts, liquids, and special mods such as an adapter to enjoy two flavours at once.

Personalizing your smoking experience while trying to kick the nicotine habit makes it less of a burdensome chore. We stock all your favourite brands from Cash Money to Nectar to Nic Salts and a range of flavours.

You can change mouthpieces and batteries for ones of different colours and styles. With e-cigs, you can also reduce the amount of nicotine you inhale to reduce dependence over time. You can also adjust the amount of aromatic vapour you emit.


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